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Dartmouth Life boat crew raise much needed funds

Crewmen from the Dart lifeboat manned a life raft in the Dartmouth Boat float last Saturday. It was in aid of the annual RNLI SOS fundraising event. This year locally raised money will go towards the on‐going costs of running the Dart station. It will help towards meeting the costs of items such as fuel, training and resupplying items used on rescues, such as First Aid materials.
An anonymous donor bid £100 to inflate the life raft and then passed the honour to the children of the lifeboat crew. The liferaft was donated for the day by Ocean Safety of Plymouth.

Once it was in the water the crew reached it by jumping off the Boat float Bridge and swimming to the craft, where they scrambled aboard. Members of the public made donations by rolling coins down a tube to the craft In all over £300 was raised..
SOS events have been held throughout the week. The Education team who took the Beach Safety message to all the Primary schools in Totnes last summer have been revisiting the schools, and those in Dartmouth, to tell them about the Dartmouth volunteer’s achievements in the last year.

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