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Zebra crossing causes concern

A Dartmouth councillor is calling for an investigation into why the town’s Milton Lane zebra crossing – used by scores of schoolchildren every day – has still not been upgraded to a safer, lights controlled crossing.
The crossing is controlled by a lollipop lady in the mornings and afternoons because of safety concerns.
Cllr Steve Smith warned that the police had recently agreed to conduct a speedwatch campaign at the crossing on the busy Townstal Road because drivers are still travelling too fast there.
‘I have observed people in cars going at great speed there, on mobile telephones or doing their make-up,’ said Cllr Smith.
He said that he had understood that following a county council survey the crossing was going to be upgraded to make it safer.
But he told town councillors: ‘We have seen nothing yet.’
Dartmouth county councillor Jonathan Hawkins pledged that he would investigate what is happening with the crossing.

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