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Dartmouth Harbourmaster quizzed over missing cruise ships

Harbourmaster quizzed over missing cruise ships

Dartmouth Council leaders are demanding answers over why Dartmouth is missing out on economically important ship visits following a series of cancellations.
Harbourmaster Rob Giles said the harbour board was working hard to attract as many money-spinning cruise passengers as possible into the port.
But he warned: ‘If a cruise line makes a decision based on safety or for commercial reasons I have no control over that.’
Dartmouth was hoping for a bumper year of cruise visits this year with more than a dozen liners expected to arrive in the Dart.
But the huge £165m 751ft-long Artania with more than 1,000 passengers, due in last Wednesday, sailed to Torbay instead.
And the Silver Explorer expedition ship with up to 132 passengers on board just did not show up.
The list of cancellations is even longer if you include two French warships which cancelled a visit in January because of bad weather and the visit by the Royal Navy’s HMS Grimsby, which was due in February, which was also pulled.
The cruise ship business is a vital part of Dartmouth’s economy as wealthy passengers stop off to visit shops and restaurants and see the local sights.

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