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Dartmouth Traders seek compensation over ferry closure

Dartmouth traders ferry closure cash

Dartmouth Business traders could launch a compensation campaign to claw back the tens of thousands of pounds traders fear they have lost thanks to the delay in reopening Dartmouth’s Lower Ferry,south Hams District Council which operates the ferry, has just announced the service will finally be back in action next Tuesday – almost eight weeks after the Easter deadline the town had originally been given.

SHDC has calculated it has lost about £120,000 in income because of the delay.
Dartmouth Business Forum chairman Paul Reach said traders were not even confident the council will be able to stick to next Tuesday’s opening date.
He said the forum was inviting local businesses to detail how much trade they fear they have lost because of the delay in reopening the Lower Ferry.
And if the sums are large enough he said it could result in a compensation claim.
‘It will be interesting. If there is a significant sum involved it could be worth looking at a legal recourse

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