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Drinking message was music to revellers’ ears

Dartmouth Music fans got the official nod to carry on boozing as revellers poured into Dartmouth for the annual Dart Music Festival.
But last weekend the district council put out special notices telling people that they could still knock back the alcohol as they enjoyed the open-air music… as long as they behaved themselves.
However, they were warned that if they ended up hitting the wrong note with the police then they could find their drinks confiscated – and face a fine of up to £500.
The large signs that are in place in Royal Avenue Gardens simply say that it is an Alcohol Free Zone.
But the district council decided to add a notice making it clear the people are ‘NOT banned from drinking alcohol in the town’s public areas during Dart Music festival and that includes the beautiful Royal Avenue Gardens’.
But the notice also added: ‘However, if a police officer asks someone to give up their alcohol they should do so or face arrest or a fine of up to £500.

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