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Council bid to sort out its Dartmouth traders

Councillors are looking at bringing in experts to sort out the Dartmouth market traders and hammer out a set of rules they can finally enforce.
The various groups of Dartmouth market shopkeepers and Dartmouth market stallholders have been arguing among themselves over pitches and other issues for years, the council, which owns Dartmouth town centre market complex, has been told.
The council itself is fed up with stallholders cherry-picking the market days they decide to show up on and the shopkeepers operating reduced opening hours.
And there are also concerns about who has the right to park on the market car park on the Tuesday and Friday market days.
Now the councillors want to bring in market experts from the National Association of British Market Authorities to help advise them on how the town’s money-spinning market should be run and marketed – including the possibility of launching extra market days.
The move follows a meeting between leading councillors and market traders a fortnight ago.
Former market shopkeeper and town councillor Andy Carter said the meeting had revealed ‘conflicts’ between the traders who operate from the market. He said: ‘The whole thing needs completely sorting out.’
‘There are those that think they have been there longer and can stomp over others and push them out of the way. It’s a mess.’

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