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Dartmouth MP Sarah’s solar power flare up

Dartmouth’s MP Sarah Wollaston has fired a broadside at her own coalition government as she accused them of industrialising the countryside with solar farms.
The Tory MP spoke out after the Government revealed its ambitions for a ten-fold expansion of solar power generation over the next seven years.
She made her views known on Twitter, saying: ‘Covering prime farmland with sterile PV arrays won’t power the nation, just starve it, impoverish the fuel poor and desecrate rural Britain.’
She added: ‘Solar panels should be on roof tops and brownfield sites, not industrialising the farmland we need to produce food.’
And setting her sights on Conservative energy policies, she said: ‘The Conservative Party used to understand the importance of our rural heritage and food security.’
She said there had been little debate over the future implications of cultivated land lost to renewable energy development.
Her warning came after the energy and climate change minister Greg Barker disclosed his intentions for up to 20GW of energy to be produced by solar panels by 2020.

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