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Dartmouth Fears over fire cover in town

Fire cover could be at risk amid concerns over a shortage of volunteer firefighters and ongoing talks between the firemen and their bosses over pay.
Fire bosses have admitted that at times Dartmouth fire engines have been ‘unavailable’ and firefighters have had to be moved in from other towns.
The number of fire ‘shouts’ in the area have recently fallen so much it is now having an impact on the local firefighters’ income.
The number of volunteers available to cover the town has fallen and the fire service is appealing for more to come forward.
At the moment Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service is holding talks with Dartmouth firemen over alternative payment arrangements.
Firemen claim they have been banned from speaking out about what is happening at the fire station.
But a fire service spokesman pointed to the difficulty in finding firemen who are able to both live or work in small towns like Dartmouth and admitted: ‘These factors, combined with a number of firefighters being unavailable at the station due to health issues, have resulted in appliances being unavailable on occasions.’

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