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Dart’s dolphin Danny injured

Dart sailors are being urged to keep clear of Danny the dolphin amid fears the playful visitor has suffered new traumatic propeller injures to his fin and back.
The bottlenosed dolphin, which has been a regular sight in the Dart at Dartmouth for the last three years, has sparked off a flood of calls from people concerned about his welfare.
The Sussex-based British Divers Marine Rescue Unit has become involved and is keeping a close eye on the health of the dolphin.
And local dolphin expert Lindy Hingley, from Brixham Sea Watch, has taken to the water to take a close look at Danny following reports he has become lethargic and is obviously ill.
Both are advising sailors not to encourage the dolphin to swim with their boats in case he comes too close and sustains yet more injuries.
Lindy said: ‘He obviously has had some sort of collision with something and has a huge bit of flesh missing at the base of his dorsal fin and his back.
‘It is right where the damage would be if a boat has run over him or he came into collision with a propeller.’
Danny is also known as Nick because of the distinctive piece of flesh missing from his dorsal fin – almost certainly caused by an earlier run in with a boat.
He is a regular visitor to Brixham harbour and is even known across the Channel in Normandy where he is known to the French sailors as Clic.
Lindy said Danny first appeared in the river as a juvenile dolphin but is now virtually fully grown.

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