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Experts to supervise repainting of Dartmouth town market

Whoever gets the job of repainting Dartmouth’s market walls will have experts looking over their shoulder to make sure the job is done properly.
The town council, owner of the market, has had so many problems with the walls in the past that this time councillors are determined that the specialist limewash paint is put on correctly.
And that will mean bringing down the suppliers to help oversee the painting contract.
‘We just don’t want to have the hassle that we have had in the past,’ Cllr Dave Cawley told the corporate property committee.
The council was looking at spending around £30,000 on repainting the market walls following a £600,000 facelift to the inside which left the outside of the complex looking a bit tatty.
Since then the specification for the work has been extended to include work to the gutters, roofs and doors of the old market.
In the past the council has run into problems finding the right paint for the walls.
At one stage councillors wanted to look at knocking all the rendering off and bringing the walls back to the original stone, only to be told that would cost about £150,000.
The council is about to invite builders to tender for the work.

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