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New rules imposed in Dartmouth market

No shouting, no music, no rubbish and … no cars? They are some of the tough new rules aimed at stallholders using Dartmouth’s town centre market.
The shouting rule is aimed at stallholders who may want to yell out details of their wares.
The ban on music targets the playing of recorded music although ‘appropriate’ live music could still be on the cards.
Stallholders are to be told they have to take all their rubbish away with them when they leave the market.
And the unlikely sounding ban on cars is a result of one incident when a stallholder tried to drive into the rear entrance to the market to drop off his goods.
The rules have been drawn up to give market supervisors greater authority over how the market operates on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
It is aimed at the stallholders who occupy stalls and tables in both the inner market and outside car park area.
The rules were given the once over by the town’s corporate property committee last week and are due to be looked at for final approval at a special town council meeting next Tuesday.
The draft rules make it clear that the market supervisor is responsible for allocating stalls and for their positioning as well as ‘all matters relating to good order in the market’.
And they add: ‘His/her instructions must be adhered to at all times.’
The new rules also state: ‘Shouting for wares and playing of recorded music is prohibited. Appropriate live music, however, may be performed in the market.’
They also go on to say: ‘Entry into the Old Market by motorised vehicles of any kind is prohibited.’

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