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Boatfloat injury man still puzzles detectives

Dartmouth police are still trying to find out whether a 36-year-old Dartmouth man fell or was pushed in to Dartmouth’s Boatfloat during the town’s regatta celebrations.
The hotel worker suffered serious head and neck injuries when he plunged into the Boatfloat early on the morning of regatta Friday.
Police have so far interviewed more than 30 people in an effort to find out how the injured man ended up in the muddy basin.
But almost two weeks after the incident detectives have still have been unable to find anyone who actually saw the man plunge into Boatfloat between 1am and 2.45am that morning.
The injured man suffered a fractured neck as well as a serious head injury in the incident and had to undergo surgery while he was being treated in Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.
The injured man had been out drinking with friends when he left them at 1pm.
Just where he was between then and 2.45am is still a mystery.
However, at some time he ended up in the Boatfloat and was able to get out under his own steam and walked back to his shared accommodation in Victoria Road where friends realised he was badly injured and called an ambulance.
Newton Abbot-based detectives are investigating the incident.
Sgt Rob Tansley said that at the moment his injuries seemed consistent with him falling into the Boatfloat and nothing suspicious has yet been discovered.
But officers are still appealing for anyone who may have seen anything suspicious or seen how the man ended up in the Boatfloat to come forward.
‘He does not appear to have any injuries that would suggest he was assaulted before the fall,’ he said.
He said the man himself was unable to remember much of what had happened except that he was lying in mud and that he had got out on his own.

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