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Proposals to do away with Dartmouth town centre’s winter parking

RESIDENTS have reacted with fury over controversial county council proposals to do away with Dartmouth town centre’s winter parking free-for-all.
They have warned that unless the county council backs down they will involve the town’s MP Sarah Wollaston, protest directly to Secretary of State for Local Government Eric Pickles and force a ‘localism’ referendum over the issue.
Other parking protesters have launched their own Facebook page opposed to ‘over-regulation’ and ‘harassment’.
But Dartmouth has been told it only has itself to blame for failing to come up with its own parking plans.
Business forum chairman Paul Reach was adamant the town should fight back over the latest county council proposals – which would see current unrestricted parking for seven months of the year scrapped and replaced with one, two or four- hour parking limits. But he also pointed out that a town council group set up to devise an overall parking and transport policy two years ago had still not come up with a final plan.
And he warned: ‘Dartmouth has had its chance. The county council gave Dartmouth the chance to come up with its own traffic and parking plan but because of the usual disagreement they have failed to produce a plan. Devon County Council has now taken the initiative back.’

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