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Rowers to help Oscar

KIND-hearted Dartmouth is rallying around again with an ‘oarsome’ campaign to help young Oscar Knight who suffers from a rare condition which has left him in permanent pain.
Last week benefactor John Yunnie came up trumps when he handed over a kayak to 10-year-old Oscar and his family after the kayaks they used to help the youngster’s rehabilitation were stolen.
Now the town is organising a sponsored 24-hour rowathon to raise cash to help buy Oscar a new wheelchair and anything else he needs.
The event, which will be going ahead over Friday and Saturday, September 20/21, has been organised by Lynne Leader and Jenny Pychowski who both know Oscar and his parents Natasha and Will.
They are organising a team of rowers to take part in the event using a rowing machine in Coronation Park during the day, moving into Dartmouth Rowing Club overnight.
Lynne has also bought an oar for the regatta whaler boats which has been inscribed with young Oscar’s name by local artist Paul Barclay. She is planning to present the oar to Oscar at the rowathon.
Oscar suffers from a disorder of the nervous system called complex regional pain syndrome which has left him in increasing pain since he was just five years old.
He was wheelchair- bound until he underwent intensive physiotherapy at the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London this year.

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