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Dartmouth Rowers put backs into fundraising for Oscar

Seriously ill 10-year-old Oscar Knight will get the special wheelchair he desperately needs – thank to an ‘oarsome’ fundraising marathon.
More than 40 people took it in turns to put their backs into a 24-hour rowing machine marathon to raise the £2,000 needed to buy Oscar’s wheelchair.
The day and night effort has already raised some £2,500 and organisers are expected even more to come in.
Oscar, who suffers from a disorder of the nervous system called complex regional pain syndrome which has left him in increasing pain since he was just five years old, needs the wheelchair so he can go back to school.
At the moment he is only able to manage two hours of school a day but eventually, with the help of the new paediatric wheelchair, it is hoped he will be able to attended full time again, revealed Oscar’s mum Natasha.
Oscar lives with mum Natasha and dad Will in Victoria Road, Dartmouth.

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