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South Hams Council debates Business Improvement bid

South Hams Councillors met yesterday to decide whether to support Dartmouth’s Business Improvement District hopes of pumping £750,000 into regenerating the town over the next five years.
If the BID project goes ahead, the district council would have to find £3,000 a year as its share of the business rates-funded regeneration bill.
And the council even has the power to veto the entire BID proposal if Councillors reckon it places an unfair financial burden on people.
Dartmouth Town Council, which would have to find £1,000 a year as its share, has still to meet to decide which way it wants to vote in the postal poll next month which will involve all businesses in the town.
A team of local businessmen have spent the last year working with consultants to produce a business plan which would form the main platform for the improvement district bid.
The proposal is that every business in the town will pay an extra 1.5 per cent of their business rates into a pot which will give the town £750,000 over the next five years to spend on marketing, promotion, car parking improvements and business support.
If enough businesses vote for the proposals then every business within the BID area will have to shell out whether they want to or not.
South Hams Council has various business-rated operations in the town from its car parks to its council depots.

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