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Dr Sarah Wollaston MP supports Dartmouth Flavel Centre

Sarah Wollaston our MP was the guest speaker at a fund raising evening for the Flavel Centre lastweek.
For a capacity audience she held a charity quiz about parliamentary history, and gave a talk entitled
Swimming with Sharks about her experiences as a new MP. In a wide ranging question and answer session which followed, three questions stood out.
The first was her opposition along with 30 other Conservative MPs to the government’s proposal for military
intervention in Syria. She said that probably 200 MPs would have opposed the proposal but succumbed to pressure from the party whips. And the government might
well have won the vote had it not become known the USA wished to use British bases in Cyprus to launch stealth bombers on the Damascus regime.

Her opposition brought wide support from the audience and her description of the pressure from the party whips was amusing. To a question on Scottish independence she replied she was strongly in favour of retaining the union with Scotland and an audience poll showed that most of those present agreed with her on this too.

On Europe she remains in favour of staying in the EU but outside the Eurozone and with EU reform, and when asked about the threat of UKIP splitting her vote at the next election in 2 years time she replied that she will accept the democratic will of the electorate. The ticket sales for the new seat funding event raised over £1300 for the Flavel, plus £300 in a collection at the end of the meeting and a number of donations of £250 to buy single seats outright. This means the new fund stands at about £21,000 and a similar amountis still needed

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