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Dartmouth Academy children donated food to the town’s food bank.

Dartmouth Academy children donated food from this year’s Harvest Festival to the town’s food bank.
A special Harvest assembly was led by Year 3 and was a celebration of the annual food harvest. The children dressed as farmers and, with the help of the rest of the school, sang celebration songs. They also performed a poem called ‘Farmer Farmer’ about the tiring life of farmers at harvest time. During the assembly food collected from across the Academy was displayed before it was sent on to the Dartmouth
Food Bank.
Year 3 teacher Jack Pemberton said he was delighted by the work his class put in for the assembly. “The whole class worked very well and led the assembly brilliantly,” he said. “I was so pleased with their commitment and determination to create an interesting event that would engage their fellow pupils.
“Everyone at the Academy can be very proud of the generosity shown in the donations of food we collected. It is wonderful that this food has gone to the Dartmouth Food Bank, so that the children can see their donations will be helping others in their community.”

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