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Devon County Council to back on unrestricted free winter parking in Dartmouth.

campaigners appear to have won their battle to force the county council to back down over moves to axe unrestricted free winter parking in Dartmouth.
Devon County Council has decided to scrap more than half the parking proposals it controversially published less than two months ago – including highly contentious plans to slap time restrictions on parking along the embankments and other roads in the town centre.
The county council will be explaining what is still in and what has been dropped from the proposals at a public exhibition provisionally booked for the Guildhall on Monday, November 25, between noon and 8pm.
But Dartmouth county councillor Jonathan Hawkins said the proposed changes to winter parking were now ‘out’.
‘Dartmouth has clearly said that it does not want them. It is what we consulted on originally and it makes sense to show that we have listened,’ he said.
The Residents Oppose Parking Enforcement campaign group – which was behind a flood of protest letters and emails which poured into the county council highways offices – is delighted by the decision.
A group statement declared: ‘‘Well done, Dartmouth – your voice has been heard and we seem to have won this particular battle.’

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