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Dartmouth Caring celebrate winning Lloyds Bank Community Award.

Dartmouth Caring is celebrating winning the Lloyds Bank Community Fund Award They were one of a shortlist of four charities to receive the most votes, which meant that they won a cheque for a staggering £3000. This money will go a long way to helping provide Dartmouth Caring with much needed funding.
This is the second year Lloyds have run their Community Fund; it aims to help local people make a positive difference in the hearts of their communities. The staff at Dartmouth’s branch of Lloyds Bank nominated Dartmouth Caring for the CommunityFund Award.
Kieran Saunders, Manager of Lloyds Bank Dartmouth said they choose Dartmouth Caring as they felt the charity provides a brilliant service for the residents of Dartmouth and they wanted to help them
continue their fantastic work. Dartmouth Caring and the Dartmouth Branch of Lloyds Bank share mutual customers so are often working closely together, with client’s agreement, to help people.
This prize money will make a real difference to DartmouthCaring, as they are almost entirely self funded and rely heavily on all donations. With the ageing population of Dartmouth and increasing amounts of clients with more complex needs, Dartmouth Caring’s work is always growing. Awards such as this one will help the charity to continue to provide much needed services for the local community.
“We would like to say a huge thank you to Kieran.

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