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Appeal for unwanted books to ‘supercharge’ new library

Dartmouth Academy is launching an appeal for books that aren’t being read to find a new home in its new library. The appeal is planned to help create a unique library which has a wide range of subjects for pupils and students within the Academy’s new buildings, due for occupation after Easter.
The community library is one of a number of new initiatives that are designed to encourage wider reading, greater literacy and more community interaction at the Academy this year. If you or a loved one has an interesting book which is not being read or used regularly you can drop it into the Academy’s reception. Academy librarian Liz Wilson said she hoped that the initiative would bring in interesting titles and encourage more members of the public to get involved with their Academy. “This is a lovely
idea and one which we believe could result in a ‘supercharged’ library at the new Academy,” she said. “We are hoping for some really interesting books to add to our growing collection, benefiting everyone in the community, not just the children who attend the school.”
Matt Bakewell, Assistant Principal and Teacher of English at the Academy said he thought the appeal was a great idea. “Our new library will offer a fantastic range of books for our learners,” he said, “and with the addition of books donated from our community we can create a source of information that will be truly inspiring. If you have a book which you aren’t reading or which your children might have outgrown, donate it to
the Academy and help inspire our new generation of readers to discover new worlds and ideas through your unwanted books.”

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