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Dartmouth Journalist Departs

Steve Peacock the Dartmouth Chronicle journalist for two years left this week for Totnes. It is said that Steve who has presentation plaques on his home mantelpiece from South Hams and Totnes Councils, couldn’t face another Dartmouth Town Council meeting and the possibility of them presenting him with yet another one.

He started his career in the Home Counties making the tea in a local newspaper office, and over the years there is not much in the newspaper business that he has not come across. He once waited outside a house in his car all day to interview someone, only to find they were in all the time but had been in the bath when he rang the door bell. He is one of those old fashioned journalists who became an old hack at a very young age.
Often seen dashing from the office in the pouring rain to take an urgent photo, or fast asleep in a Town Council meeting, he is to be replaced by a young female reporter who will be remunerated on the basic minimum wage, thus saving the Tindle Press the vast salary they had to pay Steve. And which he spent on fine dining, fine wine, sun drenched holidays and fast red sports cars.
The Enquirer sends Steve its best wishes and as nothing in Totnes is ever worth reporting, we believe he is moving to a newspaperman’s perfect job

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