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Dartmouth Market Shops Defy Town Council Order

With very large sums of council tax payers money invested in the refurbishment of the Old Market on the pretext it was kick starting the local economy, the tenant shop keepers enjoy subsidised rents which some estimate to be just half their market value
Last year some of the shop keepers were reminded by the Town Council that a clause in their leases requires them to stay open year round and that closing for any length of time was illegal. But this week every shop in the Old Market except the hardware shop and the newspaper office were closed for business and the much lauded epicentre of Dartmouth’s retail recovery was dead.
In a week where the District Council has passed on £1000 rate relief to every shopkeeper it will be interesting to see if the council now move to enforce their leases and whether the Dartmouth BID will come up with initiatives to improve winter trading in this part of the town.
In the meantime with more storms queuing up in the Atlantic, we wait to see if the market will flooded again (The Council knew about this risk as well). It is understood that another two tenants are about to hand in their leases

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