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Protect Dartmouth youth service appeal by councillor

WE need to ‘protect our youth service in Dartmouth’, says district and county councillor Jonathan Hawkins, as it was announced the budget for youth services could be cut by £740,000.
This comes as Devon County Council is considering moving from a universal service to a more targeted approach aimed at early help and prevention, in a bid to save money.
Under the plans youth workers would work with social workers and other partners to identify and provide early help and support to vulnerable young people and those most at risk.
This means the county council would no longer manage or run more traditional centre-based activities aimed at universal support for all youngsters.
A 12 week public consultation has been opened into the proposals, giving community and voluntary groups or others with an interest, the opportunity to suggest alternative models or express an interest in taking over any of the council’s 34 youth centres.
Cllr Hawkins believes the budget cuts could have a damaging effect for youth services in Dartmouth.

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