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Budget cut threatens Dartmouth academy staff numbers

A BUDGET cutback of five per cent means Dartmouth Academy could be faced with a number of staff losing their jobs – but principal Nick Hindmarsh said he will work hard to avoid any compulsory redundancies.
The academy has said it expects that with staff and union support it can manage changes to its funding to minimise the need for any redundancies. It hopes that retirement and flexible working could reduce or remove the prospect of forced redundancies at the Milton Lane site.
Government changes to education funding, the expiry of the academy’s start-up grants, a reduction in funding for those with special educational needs and changes in the way the academy can use its budget all mean that reductions
are inevitable, but Mr Hindmarsh hopes that their impact can be reduced by working with staff.
‘The reduction in our budget is only five per cent, but as in all schools the proportion of spending is heavily focused on people,’ explained Mr Hindmarsh. ‘To make a five per cent reduction in spending means some reduction in staff hours is unavoidable.
‘However, with the systems in place, we know that the education of the academy’s children will
not be affected and our established and sustained improvement will continue through this period.
‘No one likes reducing staffing or the number of teachers at the academy, but by informing our staff and their unions as early as possible we hope the pain of compulsory reductions can be avoided.

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