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Torcross Storm-hit beach claims two cars

THERE was a lucky escape for a couple of holidaymakers in Torcross who were rescued by the coastguard just before their car was washed off the road.
Two cars were caught out by the waves, a Jaguar and a Lexus.
A spokesman for Start Bay Inn at Torcross said of the Lexus passengers: ‘The couple had been crawling along behind a bus on Slapton Line when a wave hit and span the car, which stalled.
‘They called 999 and luckily the coastguard was close by – they picked them up just in time as a second wave washed the car into the ley.
‘The coastguard brought them here, where we looked after them with tea, and then our employee Joey Gloyn was good enough to take them to their friend’s house in Totnes after his shift.
‘They were very shaken up – the gentleman looked like he was holding it together for the sake of his lady friend, but they were very distressed.
‘They came back for a meal the day after and seemed much more relaxed.’
A spokesman for the Maritime and Coast-guard Agency said: ‘Dartmouth Coast-guard Rescue Team helped rescue four people stuck in cars at Slapton, South Devon, during the severe weather, after reports of rocks and water washing across the road.
‘Police and the Fire Service also attended the incident, which occurred around 5pm on Friday last week.
‘The Coastguard Rescue Team offered safety advice to those rescued from the vehicles, and also to people walking and jogging on the beach.’
Torcross, Beesands and Slapton Line have been hit by the atrocious weather for the third weekend in a row.
Sand and shingle was washed up by the waves to cover the road at Torcross and Slapton and the road at Beesands has been completely washed away in places.
Slapton Line is now clear after DCC High-ways cleared the sand and shingle.
Work began on Saturday morning and finished on Monday, February 17.
With more bad weather set to hit the South West, a Coast-guard spokesman said: ‘As the Met Office has warned of strong winds and heavy rain, HM Coastguard is urging people to take extra care.
‘In some parts of the country, conditions on the sea and along the coast are extremely treacherous, with gale-force winds, high tides and heavy rain.
‘Sending units to help people in these types of avoidable incidents will also put rescue teams at risk.
‘If you do decide to venture out, check the prevailing weather conditions and make sure that you can handle them.
‘If you’re taking photos of the sea, take care – a great photo is not worth risking your life for.
‘If in doubt, don’t go out.
‘We are again advising the public to take great care when walking on cliff paths or along beaches, and take note of any warning signs in place.

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