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Dartmouth Academy reassures parents.

DARTMOUTH Academy principal Nick Hindmarsh has given a positive message to parents as preparations for a new sponsor continue.
Mr Hindmarsh was speaking at a public meeting organised to reassure the community after the Academy lost its national sponsor E-Act.
He told the meeting on Monday that negotiations with potential new sponsors – all based in Devon – were continuing and an announcement is likely to be made before the end of term.
And he reiterated his message that the change would not affect the rate of improvement seen in Dartmouth over the last few years, nor a reduction in funding for the Academy.
In fact, E-Act was paid £180,000 a year by the academy and this figure was actually likely to be lower with a new sponsor, meaning there will be more funding for frontline services in future, he said.
Mr Hindmarsh said the academy was required by law to have a sponsor and the process of choosing a new one would be quick.
However, he stressed the way the academy worked with its new sponsor would be decided over a number of months, so that the best decisions would be made for the good of the academy’s children in the long term.
He told parents an Ofsted inspection may happen in the coming months to give an accurate and up-to-date picture of the academy’s position as a new sponsor comes in.
Mr Hindmarsh said: ‘An academy sponsor fulfils the overseeing role that a local authority used to. It makes sure the academy is performing all its roles well and is improving all the time, and does not give funding to the Academy.
‘A sponsor is tasked to ensure that an academy is looking after the needs of its children through its education schemes, child protection policies, financial regulation and development plans.

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