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Dartmouth town Council fights to save youth club

‘We can’t sit back and accept cuts’
DARTMOUTH Town Council is throwing a lifeline to youngsters.
It believes it is ‘vital’ young people have somewhere to go if the youth club – known as Decks@Ivy Lane – closes this summer.
The town centre base for young people is under threat as Devon County Council looks to make massive savings in this year’s budget – and its market value if sold could be ‘considerable’.
But councillors are determined to make sure there continues to be provision for youngsters in Dartmouth.
‘We can’t sit back and accept the cuts,’ said Cllr Steve Smith.
‘We have the kids at heart and if they take away their space, they are left to walk the streets. They have to have somewhere to interact with each other.’
He said youngsters between the ages of seven and 12 years mainly used the self-funded Townstal youth centre but the older ones had dropped off.
And the message from young people themselves was they liked coming into town, councillors were told.
Cllr David Gent said a meeting had been held with students at Dartmouth Academy who had said they wanted somewhere to get together with their friends in the town centre.
‘They like to come into town with their friends and eat chips and fat sausages,’ he said.
One possibility may be setting up a club at the community cafe as an interim measure and funding may be available to provide a youth worker to oversee the operation.

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