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Dartmouth Youth Centre

The time is approaching when Devon County Council is committed to pulling out of Youth services in Dartmouth and the Town Council needs to step in to ensure these continue
On Monday night the Town Council debated this and voted in favour of accepting the transfer the ownership of the Ivy lane building. The mayor said he had spoken to the Chairman of Devon County Council during the latter’s recent visit to the regatta and the elements an agreement seem to be
Devon County Council will transfer the ownership of the Ivy lane building to ,
Dartmouth Town Council free of charge for community use in perpetuity
Devon County Council will provide a start up grant of £10,000 and Dartmouth
Town Council will carry out roof repairs to the building.
These and any other repairs will be cost neutral to the Town Council
Dartmouth Town Council will administer and maintain the building and rent it for community uses like a Youth Club and a Food Bank
Youth services will be run by a company called Youth Genesis and the
two present qualified DCC youth workers will be employed as volunteers Children in the surrounding villages will be collected on youth club nights using the Academy minibus
Three local charities have indicated their likely support and there will be an unpaid professional fund raiser for the scheme

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