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Dr Sarah Woollaston MP, welcomes Chief Executive of NHS England to Dartmouth

Dr Sarah Woollaston our MP says she was delighted to welcome the Chief Executive of NHS England, Mr Simon Stevens, to the constituency at the start of last month, after inviting him to come to discuss the importance of community hospitals and the voluntary sector to the
NHS. “I arranged for a number of meetings to be held at Dartmouth Community Hospital and powerful representations were made to Mr Stevens from voluntary groups representing a range of bodies supporting people across South Devon about the value they add to help keep vulnerable people living well at home. He heard about the rising demand on their services and increasing complexity of issues at a time when access to long term funding is under great pressure.

There was a clear and consistent message about the importance of stable core funding for the work of the voluntary sector and the need for NHS and social care commissioners to make it easier for these vital groups to apply for grants so that the funds go to those who are actually delivering the services in our local communities. It is evident that a small amount of money in the voluntary sector goes a very long way.” Editor—there has been speculation recently about the future of the Dartmouth and Kingswear Cottage hospital and this week there will be
a debate in Parliament on community hospitals.

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