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Little Dartmouth – Holidaymakers escape as car rolls off cliff

A FAMILY escaped with their lives when their car rolled backwards over a cliff at Little Dartmouth. Dart RNLI lifeboat volunteers were called by the Coastguard around 5.20pm on Wednesday after a report that a Land Rover had fallen 230ft at Warren Cove. Two holidaymakers had been fishing with their sons when they brought their vehicle to the cliff top. But they lost control on the steep slope and it went backwards over the edge, said an RNLI spokesman. The boys were not in the Land Rover and fortunately the adults managed to scramble out before it was lost over the cliff. The car came to rest on rocks some 50ft above the water line. The lifeboat crew checked the scene from the water and, having been informed by the police and Coastguard that no casualties were involved, returned to station. ’ There were also calls to racing yachts in the regatta in Start Bay. Two yachts collided in the gusty conditions on Thursday and a crewman suffered a nasty scalp wound. In the second incident, a J109 was dismasted. A crewman was taken to hospital after suffering a head injury. Coastguards were called just after 3pm to reports a 53-year-old man was injured in a racing dinghy. He was given immediate first aid on board and transferred back to shore on the RIB Northern Exposure and treated by paramedics before being transferred to hospital. He is not believed to be seriously hurt. The Coastguard tasked the Dart RNLI lifeboat to divert from exercise on the River Dart and to attend. A lifeboat crewman was able to assess the state of the casualty and the lifeboat escorted the RIB up the river, the rowing racers having been asked to keep clear. Later, around 3.45pm, the RNLI lifeboat was called out again after a Royal Navy yacht, Jolly Jack Tar, was dismasted at the entrance to Dart harbour. There were eight crew on board and none were injured. After assisting the yacht with the rigging, the lifeboat escorted the boat back to her mooring at Sandquay. The Dart inshore lifeboat was called out again on Saturday to help a yachtsman with hand injuries, about half a mile south east of the Dancing Beggars rocks in Start Bay. A yachtsman on the 32ft Tokolosh 2 injured both hands in a block. The Coastguard asked the Dart RNLI inshore lifeboat to attend and they launched with their paramedic crewman on board around 3.15pm. The yacht was met between the castles and the paramedic was put on board to treat the casualty. After bandaging, he was transferred in the lifeboat to Sandquay to be handed over to the emergency care practitioner.

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