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Wind turbine ‘to tower over Dart

A wind turbine taller than Exeter Cathedral may be built on a prominent hill above the Dart.
An energy company from Birmingham is seeking residents’ views before submitting a formal planning application for a 45m (148ft) turbine near Downton, Dittisham.
Fine Energy is proposing building one Endurance X29 wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 29.1m (95ft) on a site above Old Mill Creek.
It believes the project could offer benefits to the local community – such as goodwill funding, habitat creation and improved footpaths or bridleways – and wants feedback.
But some people fear the turbine will be visible from Dartmouth, Kingswear and the river, and will have a negative impact on the skyline.
In an anonymous letter to the Chronicle, one resident said: ‘The turbine will be clearly visible from Dartmouth, Kingswear and the river.
‘Imagine the impact on cruise ship passengers entering the river. A stunning view undoubtedly, but no longer the glorious natural hilltop and BRNC. Instead, their eyes will be drawn to a hideous turbine on the skyline, as will those of all the other visitors on the many pleasure vessels and steam train.
‘They, of course, will leave, probably never to return to a blighted landscape. Residents will, however, be faced with the now-ruined vista.’
Dittisham Parish Council is to discuss the proposal at its November meeting and Dartmouth Town Council’s planning committee, which meets next Wednesday, has been asked for its views.

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