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Dartmouth Bid – setting the records strait

I am writing as Chairman of the Dartmouth BID, to correct some misinformation that is appearing in the public domain on websites and in the press. The town’s Business Forum initiated the idea of a Business Improvement District in Dartmouth in 2012. External funding was secured for a BID application late in 2012, a campaign was launched and a fact sheet drawn up by our advisors Mosaic in association with the BID team, and other interested parties.

After many meetings, a lot of press coverage, and a number of online surveys, a business plan was formulated, and a ballot conducted by Electoral Reform Services (the business arm of the Electoral Reform Society). The results were, of those that voted, 63% voted for the BID in number and 74% of the rateable value voted in favour of the BID. All this was carried out following a strict government code.
There is now a board of nine directors, plus associates, all volunteers and one paid employee. Since the formation of the board we have held several workshops to keep our local traders involved and the majority of businesses are now behind the BID and recognise the value of what we are doing. I appeal to the vocal minority to work with us for the good of the town, but if not, they cannot overturn a democratic vote, and a business plan that was drawn up after consultation, so could they please allow us to get on with the job in hand of running the BID and delivering the benefits of the business
plan. If I might paraphrase John F Kennedy – Don’t ask what Dartmouth can do for you, but ask what you can do for Dartmouth! The BID board is doing that for you today, so please allow us to do the job and judge us in five years time when, if you feel we haven’t succeeded, you don’t have to vote for a continuation of the Business Improvement District.

Or please join us and stand for election for the Board at the end of year one and help us to achieve our goals. We would also welcome business people on to our team of volunteers who are prepared to help and give time and effort towards keeping Dartmouth a successful vibrant place to work, live and trade all year round. We particularly need representatives of the retail sector. Further accurate information can be obtained at or by contacting the BID Manager, myself or any member of the BID Board.

Nigel Way, MBE , Fellow, HCIMA, BID Chairman

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