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Dartmouth Park and ride for the future

A GOOD park and ride is Dartmouth’s best bet for tackling disputes over car parking, according to the mayor Cllr Rob Lyon.
‘It is essential we have a good service to get people up and down to the town,’ he said. ‘It has to be part of the overall parking plan for Dartmouth.’
Cllr Lyon’s remarks come at a time when options are being explored to hand control of the park and ride site over to a newly formed operating group, the Dartmouth Trust.
South Hams Council is anxious to pass over the money costing transport link and has warned of a reduction in the service unless other options can be found.
But Cllr Lyon said he was confident a way could be found to run an improved park and ride service at less cost.
Round table talks have already been held between various groups in Dartmouth and South Hams Council with the aim of transferring the site.
‘You have to make parking in the town more difficult, but if you want residents parking it has to be policed

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