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Council Tax Set To Rise

The Town Council met last Monday and the mayor was asked about next year’s budget of £130,000 for services devolved from the County and District Councils and the 10% council tax increase to pay for these. He said that services would not be taken over by the Town Council if they remained the statutory responsibility of the other councils, and if cutting verges, filling potholes and gritting icy
roads were not taken over by other town councils such as Totnes,Ivybridge and Kingsbridge, then Dartmouth Town Council would carefully consider any contributions they might make to these services in Dartmouth.
The Deputy Mayor said he had retrieved a copy of an Order in Council dated 1854 and as a result the Town council is responsible for maintaining the St Saviour’s graveyard. The graveyard’s continued
use since 1854 did not negate this responsibility as only ashes had been interred. Following the Local Government Act 1972 the Town Council remained the Local Burial Authority and responsibility for the graveyard had not been transferred to South Hams Council.

The next budget contains £6000 towards maintaining the graveyard and three competitive tenders had been requested. The mayor said that discussions about the Park and Ride service were on going. The Town Council favoured a continua on under South Hams Council and had not given any financial undertakings to help run it. District Councillor Hilary Bastone said new bus operator tenders were expected back by the end of January and only then would an arrangement be decided for running the Park and Ride

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