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Copyright wrangle over use of Butterwalk photograph

DARTMOUTH’S Business Improvement District has been accused of not acting professionally over the publication of a photograph in a new town guide.
Dave Cawley, a businessman and town councillor, is upset that an image he took of the Butterwalk has been used without his permission and without a credit.
The picture can also be viewed on the Dartmouth Every Time website.
‘We are both out to market Dartmouth,’ he said in an email to the BID. ‘However, mutual respect not to mention complying with the law of the land is important.
‘I have no objection to you sharing my Facebook posts or my images, providing you acknowledge where they came from.
‘I see too that in your Dart­mouth Every Time publication page 34 you have used a copyright image of mine without acknowledgment.
‘A month ago you also used an image of mine of the St Clement’s tapestry without acknowledgment.
‘The BID seems to have a blatant disregard of copyright law. Would you immediately remove the image detailed below, or acknowledge its source and ask all those who “shared” it to do likewise.’
BID manager Francesca Johnson said it was a shame that Mr Cawley could not share the same spirit of collaboration for the good of the town.
She said the image was on a page the Tourist Information Centre had included on behalf of the town council.
‘Dartmouth Town Council voted to support the BID and I know that there are some great councillors who are giving up hours of their free time for the good of the town, supported by a very hard working town clerk.’
Mr Cawley said later he believed it was a mistake to change the name of the guide this year.
‘The ever popular and collected yearly guide “Discover Dartmouth” has been renamed/ rebranded as “Dartmouth Every Time” – a very bad move in my opinion,’ he said.
‘The front page is great, lots of colour and pictures of Dartmouth, very enticing, until you open it and find no less than seven “Why I Love Dartmouth” articles!
‘This is very elitist and isn’t going to encourage people to visit our lovely town at all.
‘But then we have all the awfully aspirational people photographs, with an out of focus, dull, colourless and barely recognisable Dartmouth in the background.
‘Where are the colourful and vibrant photographs of the embankment, Bayard’s Cove, Foss Street, the river and Kingswear?
‘And the little boy, on what appears to be with a bit of imagination Bayard’s Cove, holding an already cooked crab that he found floating in the river, what is that all about ?
‘If only the BID had embraced local photographers instead of farming it out to a Salcombe photographer, we would have had a guide full of colourful and wonderful photographs that would be spot on for attracting the right sort of quality destination tourism.
‘But asking the Dartmouth BID to engage with the local business community seems to be a lost cause.’

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