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Dartmouth Pool trustees hit back at criticism

EXHAUSTIVE research was undertaken ahead of any plan to build a new indoor pool in Dartmouth, trustees say.
Dartmouth and District Indoor Pool Trust said it wanted to put the record straight following claims last week that it was embarking on the £2.4m development without the benefit of a sound business plan.
Trust vice chairman David Shaw said: ‘Not only are these comments deeply disrespectful of the trust, they are extremely disappointing and rather surprising, as the councillors in question are aware of the existence of exhaustive research undertaken by the trust.
‘In December 2010, the trust commissioned the Amateur Swimming Association to produce a business plan.
‘This was a 45-page document which examined local swimming needs, local swimming facilities and local demographics, and concluded there was both a need for and the ability to sustain, an indoor swimming pool for the district.’
To confirm the ASA’s findings, the trust commissioned an independent sensitivity analysis by Merganser Consulting in March 2011.
This 13-page report concluded: ‘There is a substantial case for the building of a pool in Dartmouth which is financially viable, providing that the most efficient and effective ownership and management scheme is in place and the best approach is taken to programming and staffing.’
The trust produced an update to the ASA business plan in January 2012 which reflected the changes which had occurred over the previous year.

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