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The Dart Harbour monthly meeting was held in the Flavel Centre on Monday. It was reported that a new pumping out facility should be ready for use this summer when many yacht holding tank issues should be resolved.

Rob Giles, the harbour master said the 5.3m astronomical high tide this month should be contained by the embankment walls but the chairman Neil Hockaday added that town flooding was possible in the event of rainfall run off from Dartmoor, strong SE winds or low meteorological pressure.

Some of the pontoons had been subject to icing recently and a discussion took place about salting Work had been going on to organise this year’s Young Champion Award and several innovations were being pursued

The draft Plymouth University Forward Plan had been received following over 900 submissions from the public. This would be published in due course and subject to affordability would form the basis for the authority’s long term strategic plan

The new pension plan proposals had now been agreed by the lawyers for all the ports involved including Dartmouth and the DHNA would be given 16 years to liquidate its debts on this. It was anticipated the agreement would be signed in about 2 weeks time and would have no effect on harbour dues

The cruise ship group reported that 6 cruise ships were booked to visit Dartmouth and DHNA were working with the Town Council, the TIC and the BID on this. The harbour master added that tall ships were also booked to visit , and several warships and possibly superyachts. In January there were a record 54 yacht visits The mooring barge Hercules was being prepared for its new crane and should
be ready to deal with large moorings in time by March . Lastly there were plans being prepared fordredging of the navigation channels.

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