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Traffic Police Cuts

Official figures from the RAC show that traffic police numbers have fallen by 70% across the UK and that Devon and Cornwall are the worst affected counties Based on a Government response to a written parliamentary question, the figures showed that Devon and Cornwall police suffered the largest cut – 76% – taking its traffic officers from 239 in 2010 to just 57 in 2014. And in the 12-month period ending March 2013, Devon and Cornwall had no full-time traffic officers.

Essex’s traffic police numbers fell by 71%, Nottinghamshire’s by 68% and Wiltshire’s by 47%, with Avon and Somerset and Dorset dipping by 39% each. Last week the road casualty figures from the Institute of Advanced Motorists suggested that the reduction in traffic police could be a factor in child casualty figures rising

60% of drivers now think there are insufficient traffic police and that law breakers stand little chance of being apprehended except by traffic cameras. Among the laws which are not being enforced are speeding between traffic camera, hogging the middle motorway lane and using mobile phones whilst driving

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