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Radio Dart

Ken Browse, the Chairman of the National Association of Local Councils, (NALC), is visiting the Radio Dart Cafe Lounge in Dartmouth on Tuesday March 3rd at 6.30pm to talk about the future importance of Town Councils and the role they may well play in delivering public services in
the future.
Mr Browse who is also a farmer and the Chair of Halberton Parish Council in Tiverton will also talk about the work of NALC and the role it can play in supporting Dartmouth Town Council as it heads into the future. Stephen Kearney, the Director of Radio Dart said, “As we move toward the election I felt it would be useful to have an informal meeting to promote the work of Town Councils generally and invite people to come along to learn all about their role.
Central government are playing less of a role locally these days and I can see a day coming very soon when they will set up big regional authorities to simply commission services.

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