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Dartmouth Seagulls !!!

Coastal communities in the South Hams are being reminded to use seagull proof sacks to help prevent the birds ripping open rubbish bags and scattering litter all over the place. South Hams District Council provides the special bags free to domestic properties without wheelie bins or where waste lorries cannot get access.

The ‘peck proof’ heavy duty sacks hold around five black refuse bags and can be securely fastened to stop seagulls getting inside. Cllr Rufus Gilbert, the council’s Executive Member for Environment Services
said “The bags are a simple but effective solution to the annual seagull menace. But it only takes one property not use them and the seagulls get to work, making a mess of our beautiful coastal towns and villages.

Please encourage your neighbours and friends to use the seagull proof sacks which you can order from us by phone or find out more information on our website.” The district council also provides special litter with anti-seagull flaps and works with local communities to arrange waste collections so as to avoid bags being left out longer than necessary. Residents and visitors are also asked to take their rubbish home rather than leaving it next to litter bins which can get full very quickly at popular locations during the busiest
times of the summer.

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