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Vandals leave big bill for Dartmouth fountain

Dartmouth’s prized town centre fountain has been left with a £750 repair bill after a weekend vandal attack.
The top of the Royal Avenue Gardens fountain was ripped off and smashed while the top bowl was left bent and damaged after what is thought to have been an attempt to tear it off.
It is the second time in three months that the prominent town fountain will have to have been repaired.
The Old Dartmothian owners had to shell out for the first repair bill after the nearby town flag pole snapped in gales and fell on it.
Old Dartmothian Richard Rendle said the latest damage to the fountain had been discovered on Sunday morning.
And he warned the repair bill was likely to run to around £1,000.
He said the Old Dartmothians had been planning to clean the fountain this week following the first lot of repairs, to get it ready for the summer season, but that has now had to be abandoned.

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