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Consultation is planned over playground bid

Residents will get the chance to air their views in a final round of debate over a proposed playground in Kingswear’s Jubilee Park.
Two public meetings have already been held about the controversial project which continues to divide the community.
Now Kingswear Parish Council has decided to conduct a village-wide consultation to give all householders the chance to have their say – for one last time.
Around 60 people attended Monday’s meeting of the parish council when the early years project was up for debate.
Fundraising has already begun in the village in support of the £25,000-plus plan.
Many people say small children and pram-pushing adults have difficulty walking up the steep hill to the present play area at Redoubt Hill, and it is rarely used.
And a letter from headmaster Mark Oakshott was read out which said that in a poll, 19 of the 20 families at the school wanted the playground.
But others, including the Waterhead Creek Preservation Society, had reservations about the need for another playground in the village and expressed worries over the design and scale of the new equipment.
The playground committee tried to resolve concerns by agreeing it would be constructed of natural, unpainted wood and the height of the equipment would be restricted.
Fencing would include bushes and plants, as well as wood, and the ground surface would be partly mesh to allow grass to grow through.
But parish council chairman Jonathan Hawkins said there was still a lot of division over the project and it was hoped a parish-wide consultation would finally resolve issues.
‘We want to clear this up for both sides and resolve this unpleasant situation,’ he said after the meeting.
The parish council, which owns the land, will decide at its meeting in July what format the house-to-house questionnaire will take. It is hoped to distribute it in September.
Jubilee Park is owned by the parish council and the ownership of the play equipment would be taken by Kingswear Combined Charities.

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