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Child and granny are rescued from waves at Blackpool sands

RNLI beach lifeguard Isaac Stopard saved the life of a toddler and her grandmother after they were dragged into the water by heavy, breaking waves at Blackpool Sands.
A woman and a young girl, aged around three years old, were standing close to the shore when a large wave came in and knocked the youngster off her feet.
When the woman tried to help, she too was swept up in the current.
But quick-thinking by Isaac, 24, saw him run into the water and grab the child and the woman, who was now shouting for help, before the next wave broke and they were dragged back into the sea.
The incident happened on Sunday at 12.30pm, some 20m to the right of the red and yellow flagged area on the shore line.
An RNLI spokesman said it was a warm sunny day with offshore winds and two-foot shore-break waves.
‘Isaac had noticed an elderly lady and a young girl standing close to the shore watching the waves,’ said the spokesman.
‘They were both fully clothed. After scanning the swim zone, Isaac looked back across to where the two were standing to see the girl in the water getting rolled up the beach by the shore break and washed back out, ending up face down in the water.
‘Isaac immediately ran across to help. At this point the grandmother ran towards the water to grab the child but missed and ended up being pulled out into the shore break herself. She was now shouting for help.
‘Before the next wave could hit the child, Isaac managed to reach her and scoop her safely out of the water. With the child in his arms, he then reached for the elderly lady and pulled her back to the beach safely as well. Both persons were uninjured.’
Kate Berridge, RNLI lifeguard supervisor for south Devon, added: ‘Isaac is an experienced lifeguard with plenty of rescues under his belt, but the speed of how things went from fine to having two persons in difficulty with this one, took him by surprise.
‘Isaac’s quick thinking and rapid response saved the life of one if not two people today.
‘Sometimes the beach and sea can be deceiving, and whenever in or around water, children should be kept very close.

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