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Seagulls fight back as hawk is sent in to scare them off

BIRD wars are hotting up as seagulls have been fighting back to shield their young.
Birds of prey being flown in the town are coming up against protective gulls with chicks.
Businesswoman Lucy Will­iams said it was inhumane that the Dartmouth Business Improve­ment District was still paying for a falconer – way beyond the breeding season.
‘I am shocked by this arrogance and bullish behaviour,’ she said on Facebook.
She claimed chicks were falling out of nests and customers were being dived-bombed by the defensive gulls.
‘The noise made by gulls trying to protect their chicks was louder than the fireworks at regatta,’ she said.
Lucy said she would like to see bird feeders on the embankment with a contraceptive tablet in the food.
‘It’s a controversial measure but would control the seagull population,’ she said.
Another posting on social media said the hawk looked overwhelmed by the number of seagulls it had to deal with and other said it was no laughing matter, given the cost.

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