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BID decides against EGM

DARTMOUTH Business Improvement District has said it will not be holding an extraordinary general meeting to rethink its policies.
Levy payers submitted a petition calling on the BID to review its exiting constitution, its boundaries and its charges.
Campaigner Gordon Anderson, of Alina Trade Ltd at Townstal, handed in a 73-signature petition calling for change under the Companies Act.
But the BID board say the petition is ‘defective’ as some people had signed twice and after taking legal advice it will not be calling an EGM.
The BID claims the correct number of signatories was 62 out of over 700 businesses.
In a letter to all BID members, the board says: ‘It is not possible to change either the geographical area of a BID, or the levy levels, without a full ballot, and this decision can only be undertaken by the BID board of directors.’
The BID says Mr Anderson had ‘misrepresented’ information about the Falmouth BID, which has not changed its levy levels or reduced its BID boundary.
The Dartmouth BID said there were also some practical reasons why the board could not consider making the changes suggested.
The BID board said much of its revenue for year two was already committed to campaign projects and it was legally bound to honour the terms of its five-year business plan.
It said the legitimacy of the BID had been tested in the courts and examined by the ombudsman and it had complied with all the necessary legal requirements in the run up to the vote.

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