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Work together call goes out to the TIC

A CALL has gone out for tourist information centres in the South Hams to work together to make them more efficient and profitable.
It comes just weeks after Dartmouth’s award-winning TIC made a desperate plea to the town council for more funding.
Dartmouth TIC chairman Angie Cairns-Sharp warned that the centre needed extra financial support to survive.
And she added Dartmouth was the poor relation compared to what other town councils gave their TICs.
But it appears that both the TICs at Kingsbridge and Salcombe – which are also independently run – receive nothing from their town councils. And Salcombe TIC actually pays rent of £4,250 a year to its town council for the use of its offices.
Salcombe Town Council clerk Gill Claydon said: ‘They are a business and run independently of us. They don’t ask for grants.’
The TIC, which opens all-year-round and employs two full-time and two part-time staff members, is managed by Deb Ward.
She said: ‘We don’t get any financial support from the town or district councils.
‘The TIC business is not so much lucrative as we are careful what we spend.
‘We have to watch every penny and don’t have anything like the volume of throughput that Dartmouth does.
‘It’s good management by the team.’
For more on this story, see this week’s Dartmouth Chronicle

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