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Dartmouth passenger ferry cuts

TRAVELLERS using the Dartmouth to Kingswear passenger ferry can expect a reduced service this winter.
Devon County Council has announced it is withdrawing its support for the river crossing service as part of a review of transport costs.
Changes will also be made to the 93 bus service which will see an all-year Sunday service run from Dartmouth to Kingsbridge, but no Sunday service between Kingsbridge and Plymouth.
The county council is also withdrawing its support for the 90B service to Archway Drive at Townstal but Stagecoach is continuing the service for the time being.
The changes follow the county council’s review of supported bus service commitments and will take effect in the week beginning Sunday, September 20.
Dartmouth county councillor Jonathan Hawkins said he was pleased Stagecoach had stepped in to keep the Archway Drive service going, but he said it would be operating without a financial subsidy and he hoped people would use it to secure its long-term future.
He is also urging people to write to South Hams Council over the need to maintain the Dartmouth to Kingswear passenger ferry which next year faces a subsidy cut from the district council of around £20,000-£25,000.
‘It we are not careful we won’t have an evening ferry service across the river,’ he said.
Dartmouth town councillor and chairman of the Townstal Community Partnership Steve Smith said he was pleased the Archway Drive bus service would continue from Stagecoach ‘at least until the plug is pulled’.
‘But the Dartmouth to Kingswear passenger ferry service winter evening service cutbacks are the biggest shock of all,’ he said.
‘Dartmouth is already remote and now we are a little bit more remote.’

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