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Pavements ‘danger’ for elderly

DARTMOUTH’S pavements are a danger to pedestrians, particularly the elderly, the town council heard on Monday.
Denise Routley said she had been left very bruised and shaken after tripping under the Butterwalk last week – her second fall in less than two years.
An earlier incident had seen her off work for 16 months after she injured both elbows in a fall at Townstal.
‘I understand councils are cutting costs but we live in a town with a lot of elderly people who will end up with broken hips and other problems if nothing is done,’ she said.
Cllr David Gent said a woman in her 70s had also fallen and broken her wrist outside the NatWest bank in the same week and a visitor had fallen in Duke Street.
Paving slabs let in so much water outside the Seale Arms and Conservative Club in Victoria Road they were being renamed the ‘fountains of Dartmouth’, he said.
‘Some pavements are a disgrace. It seems extraordinary that we have to wait for people to be injured before something is done.’
County councillor Jonathan Hawkins said the pavements were inspected regularly but it was important people reported incidents to the county council.

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