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Attack on Dartmouth Trees Leaves police stumped

POLICE are no closer to finding who was responsible for cutting down a magnolia tree on the corner of Coronation Park, Dart­mouth.
Sgt Iain Simons told Dart­mouth Town Council that despite speaking to all residents at nearby Coombe Road, inquiries had come to nothing.
Residents had reacted with fury after the healthy specimen was vandalised before Christmas amid fears that it was a householder wanting to improve their view of the river.
Dartmouth Green Partner­ships has also voiced concerns about the unauthorised destruction of a number of species in the town lately. The group claimed other recent unapproved major tree work had also been carried out at Longbarns, College Way.
The town council’s tree warden has since requested a list of all trees that are subject to preservation orders from South Hams Council.
Sgt Simons said police had taken the matter very seriously. ‘I do acknowledge the beauty of the trees,’ he said. ‘It’s a real shame.’
Cllr Tessa de Galleani said a replacement tree costing £800 was being planted in the conservation area very soon and she hoped it would not suffer the same fate.
Sgt Simons reported there had been a total of 21 offences in Dartmouth in February, compared to 10 during the same month last year.

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